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Hillary’s Hoax: Matter vs Anti-Matter

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The Dragon Woman flew into the Capital today. It seems those pesky mortals wanted answers to their questions about Benghazi. Foolish, foolish people. Don’t they know how complex and complicated these things are? Don’t they understand you don’t ask questions until investigations are finished? Don’t they know how busy she is?

Today’s debacle was highly diverting (and I mean that in the most literal and metaphorical ways). The Dragon Woman, bespectacled and decked out appropriately in green and black, looked worn and jaded, her coronet of gold faded to greasy gray. I am forever amazed that the woman can look so spiffy during elections, but the rest of the time looks like she was rode hard and put away wet. Can she not afford a stylist?

But let us not focus on how the Dragon Woman looked, instead let us look at her filibustering and lies.

[I must admit today that I was impressed by the quality of microphones in use by both houses; with all of the Democrat-dripping-drool I was certain an electrocution was bound to occur. Obviously Congress doesn’t use low-bid for their own house, just for the defense of US ambassadors.]

Most pitiable of the lies (and one that the Democrats latched on to) was that the awful Republicans have held the purse strings and kept the State Department from the money to defend their own. Evil, evil Republicans! The liberal sycophants LOVED this game, and they began to serve it up as often as the Dragon Woman batted it back. Oh the glee!

Another lie that she floated was that there weren’t any armed forces near enough to Benghazi to render aid in a timely manner. You see, there are so many emails going to her office daily, but none of the senders were close enough to help. Even though we have troops on land and at sea, people in Tripoli, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Kuwait…all just waiting for WORD to help. She knows that, and we know that, but for some reason the pestilence in the People’s Parlour do not want us to ask about that WORD.

The favorite lies of this administration (I didn’t see that email, I was unaware of that) were present here. Did the Dragon Woman accidentally get the DOJ testimony book? What the hell do these people do? Obviously they don’t read emails from people who are on dangerous missions on behalf of the US. Obviously they don’t supervise their staff. Obviously, they don’t even read the internet or watch the news. Even if you did agree with the administration’s view of guns and the Arab Spring, Senator Rand Paul was right: people who don’t do the easy parts of their job shouldn’t hold these positions of responsibility.

How do we know these are lies? As controlled as the Dragon Woman seemed, she has the same tell during testimony as she does at dinner – the jowls freeze, she looks down and searches her plate for just the right bite. The shuffling of papers started to look very contrived when there weren’t any facts presented that needed reference.

There was some insight presented for those who were listening though. The Dragon Woman floated the argument that terrorism should be battled with law enforcement, a narrative that was highly pushed by a cigar-lovin’ beetle she knows so well. She had to admit that the only suspect to be arrested Ali Harzi had been released by a judge in Tunisia. But it’s OK, she assured the people, because the man is being watched – he wouldn’t dare run or do anything unlawful. Like plot an attack and murder people. You know, things that criminals and terrorists do. It is once again the American way – Keystone Kops running around chasing bad guys while lively music plays in the background – the law enforcement attitude that expects jihadists and terror-supporting organizations to be decent and respectful. After all, that’s what keeps us morally superior in the world and makes other nations love us once more.

To paraphrase the Dragon Woman – four people dead. Dead, dead, dead. Whether it was a video or just a guy going for an evening walk with his RPG, it doesn’t matter why. It was an epic rant though, and put me in mind of the classic Meatball rant.


Dems to Hillary: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

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Today outgoing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared before the Foreign Relations Committees of the Senate and House to discuss Benghazi. There continue to be so many unanswered questions and so little transparent information released.

However, it seems that most of the Democrats in the Committees wished to spend their 5 minutes of question time giving Hillary a liberal tongue-washing.

True, some of the love-fest was to be expected. This IS Hillary after all, the pet of the Left. And she did just recover from an illness. And she is leaving her post. “Thank You” should have been enough. OK, let’s add DLTDKHYOTBS. That’s more like it.

The Dishonest, Unethical Dragon Woman

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In the beginning, the Dragon Woman was a dishonest and unethical attorney. But valuable to certain people. Her dirty claws were all over Watergate.

Then she became a dishonest and unethical first lady of Arkansas.

Her next step was to become a dishonest and unethical first lady of the United States.

Not content to crawl back to Arkansas, the Dragon Woman transformed herself into a NY citizen and became a dishonest and unethical senator.

She ran for the highest office in the land so that she could be a dishonest and unethical President of the United States.

After that escapade failed, she went to work for the Fly. She continues her high levels of honesty and ethics to this very day.

The ‘independent’ report issued regarding Benghazi says that the entire State Department is to blame, but no one is. Token heads will roll, but the Dragon Woman rests on her couch nursing a headache and a toddy. Perhaps if she would lay off of the sauce, she wouldn’t have these little ‘fainting’ spells that cause concussions but don’t need hospital visits. But perhaps she drinks because her conscience is guilty.

Rest well Dragon Woman, we want the People to hear the answers from your mouth. Rest well, for now.

Next Week’s House Intelligence Committee’s Hearing on Benghazi

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The U.S. House Intelligence Committee is scheduled to hold a closed meeting on 15 November 2012. The Senate is also conducting an investigation, but the harry wasp is not interested in the truth. He only seeks to protect the hive.

Scheduled to testify are James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, David Petraeus, Director of the CIA, and Matthew Olsen, Director of the National Counterterrorism Center.

The Committee has already sent a letter to the State Department demanding answers. Of course, none are forthcoming.

The Spider sits patiently.