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Al Gore’s “The Black Corps”

Posted in Compost Pile with tags , , , on January 7, 2013 by auntnancyswebb

It comes as no surprise that pseudo-green god Al Gore sold his network Current to Al Jazeera. Once a stink bug, always a stink bug. The green groupies should be very pleased that their pet project is owned by the oil sellers. Karma, baby!

However, it does seem to surprise some that $100 million changed hands to bring Al Jazeera to the People. It would be unusual, but it should be obvious this was no ordinary business transaction. How does one put a value on a propaganda arm?

Who watches Current? (Well, almost no one, really.) The people who believe what is preached to them. The people who disdain facts and instead talk of “settled” science. The people who push tolerance but wish death on their opponents. The people who remove God from society and then try to legislate their particular brand of morality.

In short, Current’s audience is ready made for the new Al Jazeera America. They can report the news their way, all the while pushing their particular, and peculiar, point of view. Perhaps this statement makes it more plain:

This includes the journal’s treatment of racial ideology, religion, administration and justice, foreign policy, Communism, business and capitalism, National Socialist culture, history, the status of women, incidental topics of special interest and the self-images the journal had of the SS and itself.

Fascists love fascists.  And just as the Nazi’s had their Das Schwarze Korps, the Islamic fascists have Al Jazeera. Call it “volkisch” or “Arab Spring.” Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.