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Dems to Hillary: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

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Today outgoing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared before the Foreign Relations Committees of the Senate and House to discuss Benghazi. There continue to be so many unanswered questions and so little transparent information released.

However, it seems that most of the Democrats in the Committees wished to spend their 5 minutes of question time giving Hillary a liberal tongue-washing.

True, some of the love-fest was to be expected. This IS Hillary after all, the pet of the Left. And she did just recover from an illness. And she is leaving her post. “Thank You” should have been enough. OK, let’s add DLTDKHYOTBS. That’s more like it.


Why are Certain People Disposable?

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In this throw-away world, what do you do with something or someone you don’t want around? Why, you get rid of it, of course! The Fly has his disposables and so does the Dragon Woman. We’re learning where the other disposables are kept.

Carlos Ghigliotti

Vince Foster

Ron Brown

Kathy Ferguson

Jerry Luther Parks

Kevin Ives & Don Henry

Mary Mahoney

Stanley Heard

Susan Coleman

Judy Gibbs

Jeff Rhodes

Gary Johnson

This is just a small list for the Dragon Woman. Sons, daughters, fathers, sisters – somebody’s loved ones – who were considered inconvenient and disposable. History will not be kind to those who treat life so casually.

The Dishonest, Unethical Dragon Woman

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In the beginning, the Dragon Woman was a dishonest and unethical attorney. But valuable to certain people. Her dirty claws were all over Watergate.

Then she became a dishonest and unethical first lady of Arkansas.

Her next step was to become a dishonest and unethical first lady of the United States.

Not content to crawl back to Arkansas, the Dragon Woman transformed herself into a NY citizen and became a dishonest and unethical senator.

She ran for the highest office in the land so that she could be a dishonest and unethical President of the United States.

After that escapade failed, she went to work for the Fly. She continues her high levels of honesty and ethics to this very day.

The ‘independent’ report issued regarding Benghazi says that the entire State Department is to blame, but no one is. Token heads will roll, but the Dragon Woman rests on her couch nursing a headache and a toddy. Perhaps if she would lay off of the sauce, she wouldn’t have these little ‘fainting’ spells that cause concussions but don’t need hospital visits. But perhaps she drinks because her conscience is guilty.

Rest well Dragon Woman, we want the People to hear the answers from your mouth. Rest well, for now.

Run Gun Run

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Today is a very sad days. Condolences to family and friends of victims in the CT school shooting. The loss is nearly too much to comprehend.

Lost today in the sad news was the 2 year anniversary of the deaths of two Americans – Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata.

It has also been 3 months since 4 Americans died in Benghazi. So far the Dragon Woman has not answered for her part in that scheme. Her reported retirement is only a bucket of water to try to extinguish the rare investigation. This is a favorite of this administration – stall until the next problem captures the People’s attention.

However, the threads are beginning to tangle. Following one leads to another and then another. Pay attention! It will be difficult to weave the threads into a pattern that makes sense, even to the Crickets, but it can be done.

There are more stories to come. Just wait and watch. Stay open.

Alinsky Rule #6 – A good tactic is one your people enjoy.

Running guns, running drugs, laundering money and supporting agendas is what the Dragon Woman knows and has the minions to work. From Chicago to Mena to Washington to Peck Canyon to Benghazi, the experience is there.

The Spider waits and watches.