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The Politics of Compassion

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There is a new series on the entertainment contraption known as “television.” It is called “Sleepy Hollow,” and is a rather curious and creative look at the well-known story. Ichabod Crane has come to¬† the present to fight Evil, especially the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. It is refreshing that this series labels Evil as “evil” and does not try to humanize that Evil or compel compassion for it.

Unfortunately, here in the United States, we have installed an insect into the People’s Parlour that does not hold these same convictions. Evil is simply misunderstood and those who recognize it are called “racist”, or “bigots” or “something-phobes.” People are ridiculed for standing by their convictions and vilified for being Christian. The Progressives, thinking themselves superior in knowingness, are working to change the world to fit their dreams of fairness and equality for all.

Hogwash. They are self-centered, idolizing themselves and their favorites, always managing to send money and resources towards people and organizations that do their bidding and fit their fantasy. They are not interested in anyone that will not further their cause.

Here are some examples of the Compassion of Progressives:

The Obama administration has a giant crush on Iran and is trying to snuggle up closer to it, all in the name of peace, baby. How do they prove their love? By releasing an Iranian nuclear scientist – the very same program we’re supposedly trying to get our new BFFs to decrease. However, there is an American Christian Pastor Abedini being held in Iran. Did the Obama folks even think about negotiating for his release. Of course not, Christians are disposable.

There are other American’s being held hostage in Iran. Robert Levinson. Amir Mirza Hekmati. American citizens. Inconvenient. Disposable.

Progressive ideas…disposable people.

Fast & Furious gun-running. Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata and Mexican citizens now into the hundreds. Disposable.

Benghazi. Sneaking military arms into Syria. (Notice a pattern here?) Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods. Disposable.

Obama has now provided the icing on the cake – Lynne Stewart, convicted and imprisoned traitor, is out of prison for “compassionate” reasons. The same Lynne Stewart who connived with NY Trade Center bombing and Islamic terror mastermind, the Blind Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, to sneak messages to his followers. The same followers who attacked us on 9/11. The same followers who took over Egypt posing as the Muslim Brotherhood and tried to get the Sheik released. The same followers who continue to terrorize the world.

American citizens? Disposable. Peaceable world citizens just trying to have a life? Disposable.

Lynne Stewart. Let’s show her some compassion. Not disposable.

The Blind Sheik. Let’s try to negotiate to get him out of prison. Not disposable.

The Progressives show who and what is in their hearts by the people they try to protect. They don’t worry about God-fearing, hard-work, peaceful people. Not Americans or even citizens of other countries. They don’t worry about the people who need protection – like unborn babies. They protect the terrorists and the traitors. They idolize their vision of how the world should be. They worship themselves and those who think like them.

They have embraced Evil…may God Almighty have mercy on their souls.


Why are Certain People Disposable?

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In this throw-away world, what do you do with something or someone you don’t want around? Why, you get rid of it, of course! The Fly has his disposables and so does the Dragon Woman. We’re learning where the other disposables are kept.

Carlos Ghigliotti

Vince Foster

Ron Brown

Kathy Ferguson

Jerry Luther Parks

Kevin Ives & Don Henry

Mary Mahoney

Stanley Heard

Susan Coleman

Judy Gibbs

Jeff Rhodes

Gary Johnson

This is just a small list for the Dragon Woman. Sons, daughters, fathers, sisters – somebody’s loved ones – who were considered inconvenient and disposable. History will not be kind to those who treat life so casually.