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Sweet AND Tart – Try a Cherry-Lame-Ade

Posted in The Parlour with tags , , on January 8, 2013 by auntnancyswebb

Spiders are very particular about where they build their webs. Fruit trees are a favorite what with all of the little bugs and bees buzzing around. So tasty.

You are heard and appreciated LC.


The Scorpion Queen

Posted in The Parlour with tags , , on December 3, 2012 by auntnancyswebb

The Fly hasĀ  won the election and the Scorpion is once again Queen in the People’s House. Her stinger, named “Payback,” is already stinging those around her. So many souls, so little time.

The Raven tells me that the Soldier Ant has been in hand for some time now, to be used and misused as the time was appropriate. It is hard to believe that a damsel fly had access to classified emails and that the FedBugInv knew but let it by, calling it ‘investigation, only to expose it when the time was right.

Soldier Ants falling all over and and the Crickets have nothing to say. Silly Spider, says the Crickets, it’s only important if we says it’s important. Don’t be racist.

The Crickets are ignoring the Scorpion for now. But we’ll be watching where Payback fall next.