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The Stuff of (Journolists’) Dreams

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It’s been apparent for some time that mainstream journalists lean to the left. OK, lean isn’t perhaps the correct word. Let’s try deify. Yes, that sounds better.

It’s been apparent for some time that mainstream journalists deify the Left. Objectivity and suspicion of politicians, long tenets of journalism, have been supplanted with drool and rose-colored glasses. At least when it suits them. [Hypocrisy, thy name is “Editor when it suits her” Joan Walsh.] Thus there was no significant effort to dig into Obama’s ideology or past, either as candidate or president, because he fit their ideal of what an American super-citizen of the world should look like. It’s not only an idiotic position, but a dangerous one for our country as well.

Now it comes to light that that these “journalists” just can’t help themselves. They meet the man of their dreams- the King of Kool, the Prophet of Poems, His Royal Awesomeness, and POOF! – their brains instantly vaporize (and we know that one gets a tingle down his leg – hmmm). So these “journalists” find they must practice on their “puppet” Obama. Now, I’m not certain, but I imagine the puppet looks something like this:

(BTW, is a barrel full of fun!)


Run Gun Run

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Today is a very sad days. Condolences to family and friends of victims in the CT school shooting. The loss is nearly too much to comprehend.

Lost today in the sad news was the 2 year anniversary of the deaths of two Americans – Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata.

It has also been 3 months since 4 Americans died in Benghazi. So far the Dragon Woman has not answered for her part in that scheme. Her reported retirement is only a bucket of water to try to extinguish the rare investigation. This is a favorite of this administration – stall until the next problem captures the People’s attention.

However, the threads are beginning to tangle. Following one leads to another and then another. Pay attention! It will be difficult to weave the threads into a pattern that makes sense, even to the Crickets, but it can be done.

There are more stories to come. Just wait and watch. Stay open.

Alinsky Rule #6 – A good tactic is one your people enjoy.

Running guns, running drugs, laundering money and supporting agendas is what the Dragon Woman knows and has the minions to work. From Chicago to Mena to Washington to Peck Canyon to Benghazi, the experience is there.

The Spider waits and watches.

The Color of We

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Thank goodness the Crickets that know all and tell all have finally enlightened us all: “we” means white, as in skin color. Glad that is cleared up.

Because I was under the mistaken notion that “We” wasn’t white. It could be many colors, in fact.

There could be the YELLOW “We”, probably better known as “wee wee.” As in the rich man “wee wee-ing” all over the silly commoners in this California Education video. The Fly also likes to use the YELLOW wee in conversation.

There is also the PINK “We”, but I prefer to think of it as “wheeeeeee” as in the little pig traveling home.

“We” can be RUST colored, as in this comedian’s offering.

Some silly people, even some Crickets, think that “We” is BLACK. Oh dear.

Therefore, the proclamation must go throughout the Land that “We” is a color, and not a pronoun. Thank you very much.



Benghazi’s Web of Lies & Deceit – The Fly

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Excellent work! We are finally getting some people who are getting closer to the truth about Benghazi.

Yes, America is being lied to and the Media Crickets are complicit in that lie. There is nothing simple about this situation and each thread followed leads to further tangles. What should be obvious, even to the Crickets if they were paying attention  and truly cared about Transparency, is that different parts of the Government are working with different agendas. They are lying to and hiding things from the very people with whom they have sworn to work. Lies fall apart and agendas collide and the rest of the world is left to burn and sort through the ashes.

The Fly wallows in his own ointment of laziness and adoration. He likes to play, not work. All around, in every situation – domestic and foreign – he lets others carry the load so that he can be free of sweat, free of stain. Many people say he is Communist, but that is too simple. To be certain, he has his Frank, at whose feet he was steeped in Communist ideology and sexual perversion. His love of Islam is well documented, but neither does it rule his heart.  He owes the Saudi’s for his education, the Scorpion for his career, and the Tick for his appearance of normalcy. But the Fly only thinks of his own ease, and he will do whatever it takes to keep the pleasure flowing.

The Fly is happy to be the face of the People’s Parlour, but don’t think for a moment that he is anything but frosting on the dung heap. He is a marionette – as full of threads as Benghazi but not the hand that controls. He wears the wife-beater, but someone else wears the briefs.

Another day, another thread.

The Scorpion Queen

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The Fly has  won the election and the Scorpion is once again Queen in the People’s House. Her stinger, named “Payback,” is already stinging those around her. So many souls, so little time.

The Raven tells me that the Soldier Ant has been in hand for some time now, to be used and misused as the time was appropriate. It is hard to believe that a damsel fly had access to classified emails and that the FedBugInv knew but let it by, calling it ‘investigation, only to expose it when the time was right.

Soldier Ants falling all over and and the Crickets have nothing to say. Silly Spider, says the Crickets, it’s only important if we says it’s important. Don’t be racist.

The Crickets are ignoring the Scorpion for now. But we’ll be watching where Payback fall next.