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Dear Lord Baby Jesus, Deliver Us From Babies, And Give Us Our Daily Abortifacients

Posted in Compost Pile with tags , , , , , , on January 28, 2013 by auntnancyswebb

Life is like…a cheesy little clip from the movie Talledega Nights.

One of the most culturally clarifying moments last year was the coronation of Sandra Fluke (whose name most conveniently rhymes with a term that obviously determines her decisions) as the pro-choice superhero of the Left. In a story that should be familiar to all – she testified that birth control is too expensive, was vilified by Rushbo who in turn was forced to apologize, and subsequently went on lots of TV shows and spoke at the Democratic Convention – she has captured the hearts and minds of pro-choice America. As an activist with a degree in Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies she seems to have all the qualifications needed to speak for the modern American female. But not the unborn females.

Now we have a commentator on a major news network who is offering praise to God for abortions. He wasn’t “ready” for fatherhood, although he apparently thought he was ready for sexual relations. She wasn’t “the one” even though she was good enough to be…(fill in whatever you think the appropriate term should be). His admission that three lives would have been a mess is an admission that he believed the baby was a life, but this man chose death for his child rather than inconvenience. When most parents will gladly give their own lives to protect their children, this man has proven that his children, even his live ones, cannot count on him to guard their lives and souls.

So much for the Judeo-Christian morals upon which our country was founded – Obama admitted in his recent inauguration speech that the US Constitution is horribly out of step with the times. So much for the two-thousand years of teachings of the Christian Church – lots of “good Christians” support a woman’s right to control her body. So much for the science – global warming is “settled” but a cluster of genetically unique cells do not a baby make. Society and culture may change, people can adapt their views or their behaviors, but morality is not progressive.

A pet project of the Left is women’s rights. Certain women, that is. The right kind of women. Certainly not female babies that are inconvenient. Not female babies that a government that conducts gendercide. Not girls who are the victims of brutal religious practices.

May the Lord forgive us for the wretched state we are in and bless the little ones who are in His care.