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The Politics of Compassion

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There is a new series on the entertainment contraption known as “television.” It is called “Sleepy Hollow,” and is a rather curious and creative look at the well-known story. Ichabod Crane has come to  the present to fight Evil, especially the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. It is refreshing that this series labels Evil as “evil” and does not try to humanize that Evil or compel compassion for it.

Unfortunately, here in the United States, we have installed an insect into the People’s Parlour that does not hold these same convictions. Evil is simply misunderstood and those who recognize it are called “racist”, or “bigots” or “something-phobes.” People are ridiculed for standing by their convictions and vilified for being Christian. The Progressives, thinking themselves superior in knowingness, are working to change the world to fit their dreams of fairness and equality for all.

Hogwash. They are self-centered, idolizing themselves and their favorites, always managing to send money and resources towards people and organizations that do their bidding and fit their fantasy. They are not interested in anyone that will not further their cause.

Here are some examples of the Compassion of Progressives:

The Obama administration has a giant crush on Iran and is trying to snuggle up closer to it, all in the name of peace, baby. How do they prove their love? By releasing an Iranian nuclear scientist – the very same program we’re supposedly trying to get our new BFFs to decrease. However, there is an American Christian Pastor Abedini being held in Iran. Did the Obama folks even think about negotiating for his release. Of course not, Christians are disposable.

There are other American’s being held hostage in Iran. Robert Levinson. Amir Mirza Hekmati. American citizens. Inconvenient. Disposable.

Progressive ideas…disposable people.

Fast & Furious gun-running. Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata and Mexican citizens now into the hundreds. Disposable.

Benghazi. Sneaking military arms into Syria. (Notice a pattern here?) Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods. Disposable.

Obama has now provided the icing on the cake – Lynne Stewart, convicted and imprisoned traitor, is out of prison for “compassionate” reasons. The same Lynne Stewart who connived with NY Trade Center bombing and Islamic terror mastermind, the Blind Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, to sneak messages to his followers. The same followers who attacked us on 9/11. The same followers who took over Egypt posing as the Muslim Brotherhood and tried to get the Sheik released. The same followers who continue to terrorize the world.

American citizens? Disposable. Peaceable world citizens just trying to have a life? Disposable.

Lynne Stewart. Let’s show her some compassion. Not disposable.

The Blind Sheik. Let’s try to negotiate to get him out of prison. Not disposable.

The Progressives show who and what is in their hearts by the people they try to protect. They don’t worry about God-fearing, hard-work, peaceful people. Not Americans or even citizens of other countries. They don’t worry about the people who need protection – like unborn babies. They protect the terrorists and the traitors. They idolize their vision of how the world should be. They worship themselves and those who think like them.

They have embraced Evil…may God Almighty have mercy on their souls.


Dear Lord Baby Jesus, Deliver Us From Babies, And Give Us Our Daily Abortifacients

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Life is like…a cheesy little clip from the movie Talledega Nights.

One of the most culturally clarifying moments last year was the coronation of Sandra Fluke (whose name most conveniently rhymes with a term that obviously determines her decisions) as the pro-choice superhero of the Left. In a story that should be familiar to all – she testified that birth control is too expensive, was vilified by Rushbo who in turn was forced to apologize, and subsequently went on lots of TV shows and spoke at the Democratic Convention – she has captured the hearts and minds of pro-choice America. As an activist with a degree in Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies she seems to have all the qualifications needed to speak for the modern American female. But not the unborn females.

Now we have a commentator on a major news network who is offering praise to God for abortions. He wasn’t “ready” for fatherhood, although he apparently thought he was ready for sexual relations. She wasn’t “the one” even though she was good enough to be…(fill in whatever you think the appropriate term should be). His admission that three lives would have been a mess is an admission that he believed the baby was a life, but this man chose death for his child rather than inconvenience. When most parents will gladly give their own lives to protect their children, this man has proven that his children, even his live ones, cannot count on him to guard their lives and souls.

So much for the Judeo-Christian morals upon which our country was founded – Obama admitted in his recent inauguration speech that the US Constitution is horribly out of step with the times. So much for the two-thousand years of teachings of the Christian Church – lots of “good Christians” support a woman’s right to control her body. So much for the science – global warming is “settled” but a cluster of genetically unique cells do not a baby make. Society and culture may change, people can adapt their views or their behaviors, but morality is not progressive.

A pet project of the Left is women’s rights. Certain women, that is. The right kind of women. Certainly not female babies that are inconvenient. Not female babies that a government that conducts gendercide. Not girls who are the victims of brutal religious practices.

May the Lord forgive us for the wretched state we are in and bless the little ones who are in His care.





The Stuff of (Journolists’) Dreams

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It’s been apparent for some time that mainstream journalists lean to the left. OK, lean isn’t perhaps the correct word. Let’s try deify. Yes, that sounds better.

It’s been apparent for some time that mainstream journalists deify the Left. Objectivity and suspicion of politicians, long tenets of journalism, have been supplanted with drool and rose-colored glasses. At least when it suits them. [Hypocrisy, thy name is “Editor when it suits her” Joan Walsh.] Thus there was no significant effort to dig into Obama’s ideology or past, either as candidate or president, because he fit their ideal of what an American super-citizen of the world should look like. It’s not only an idiotic position, but a dangerous one for our country as well.

Now it comes to light that that these “journalists” just can’t help themselves. They meet the man of their dreams- the King of Kool, the Prophet of Poems, His Royal Awesomeness, and POOF! – their brains instantly vaporize (and we know that one gets a tingle down his leg – hmmm). So these “journalists” find they must practice on their “puppet” Obama. Now, I’m not certain, but I imagine the puppet looks something like this:

(BTW, is a barrel full of fun!)

Dems to Hillary: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

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Today outgoing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared before the Foreign Relations Committees of the Senate and House to discuss Benghazi. There continue to be so many unanswered questions and so little transparent information released.

However, it seems that most of the Democrats in the Committees wished to spend their 5 minutes of question time giving Hillary a liberal tongue-washing.

True, some of the love-fest was to be expected. This IS Hillary after all, the pet of the Left. And she did just recover from an illness. And she is leaving her post. “Thank You” should have been enough. OK, let’s add DLTDKHYOTBS. That’s more like it.

Al Gore’s “The Black Corps”

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It comes as no surprise that pseudo-green god Al Gore sold his network Current to Al Jazeera. Once a stink bug, always a stink bug. The green groupies should be very pleased that their pet project is owned by the oil sellers. Karma, baby!

However, it does seem to surprise some that $100 million changed hands to bring Al Jazeera to the People. It would be unusual, but it should be obvious this was no ordinary business transaction. How does one put a value on a propaganda arm?

Who watches Current? (Well, almost no one, really.) The people who believe what is preached to them. The people who disdain facts and instead talk of “settled” science. The people who push tolerance but wish death on their opponents. The people who remove God from society and then try to legislate their particular brand of morality.

In short, Current’s audience is ready made for the new Al Jazeera America. They can report the news their way, all the while pushing their particular, and peculiar, point of view. Perhaps this statement makes it more plain:

This includes the journal’s treatment of racial ideology, religion, administration and justice, foreign policy, Communism, business and capitalism, National Socialist culture, history, the status of women, incidental topics of special interest and the self-images the journal had of the SS and itself.

Fascists love fascists.  And just as the Nazi’s had their Das Schwarze Korps, the Islamic fascists have Al Jazeera. Call it “volkisch” or “Arab Spring.” Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.

The Color of We

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Thank goodness the Crickets that know all and tell all have finally enlightened us all: “we” means white, as in skin color. Glad that is cleared up.

Because I was under the mistaken notion that “We” wasn’t white. It could be many colors, in fact.

There could be the YELLOW “We”, probably better known as “wee wee.” As in the rich man “wee wee-ing” all over the silly commoners in this California Education video. The Fly also likes to use the YELLOW wee in conversation.

There is also the PINK “We”, but I prefer to think of it as “wheeeeeee” as in the little pig traveling home.

“We” can be RUST colored, as in this comedian’s offering.

Some silly people, even some Crickets, think that “We” is BLACK. Oh dear.

Therefore, the proclamation must go throughout the Land that “We” is a color, and not a pronoun. Thank you very much.



The Fly’s Hometown Smells Rotted

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Conditions in the Fly’s hometown continue to deteriorate. People are dying. Murder is up 30% this year.

A girl was gang raped near the Fly’s neighborhood.

The People don’t need what they have elected and they don’t deserve what they have chosen. May God help us navigate these next four years.