The Voting Gamble

The election is over. The Fly has apparently won. Apparently is the key word.

The Spider voted and watched the machine go from R to O. I was paying attention, but it took several tries to get the R to register. Is it fat fingers, a malfunctioning machine or something more?

First I admit my fingers are no fatter than anyone elses. Plus the only time this ‘flip’ occurred was with the BIG choice. All others worked fine. Hmm…

Is this a software glitch or a tweak? DRE (Direct Reporting Electronic) voting machines are now in place. True, the results are tabulated more quickly and efficiently, but it has been shown to have weaknesses. Weaknesses that can be hacked into by students or exploited by vote manipulators.

Why were the networks calling the race so early when so few votes had been counted?

SCYTLgate? Interesting thought on a strand of web. James Clapper, current Director of National Intelligence, shows up in the funding web of SCYTL. More and more interesting…


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